International connections

The Academy was founded in 1919. Today it is unique educational, methodical and scientific center of a zooveterinary profile. Academy prepares high-skilled specialists at the following areas:

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Biological and Processing Industry
  • Military-Veterinary Service
  • Veterinary and Sanitary Inspection
  • Ecological Service
  • Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors
Professor Fedor Vasilevich is the Rector of Academy, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Veterinary Science.

The main Educational Programs of Academy

  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Husbandry, Nutrition and Agrobusiness
  • Commodity Science and Examination of Animal origin products
  • Veterinary-Biological Faculty
  • Distance and Part-Time Training
  • Cynological College
  • Qualification Improvement Courses
  • Department for Foreign Students

The chairs of the veterinarian faculty

  1. The chair of anatomy and histology of animals after A.F. Klimov
  2. The chair of general pathology after V.M. Koropov
  3. The chair of biology and pathology of pets, laboratory and exotic animals
  4. The chair of diagnostics of diseases, therapy, obstetrics and animal reproduction
  5. The chair of microbiology
  6. The chair of parasitology and veterinarian and sanitary expertise
  7. The chair of physiology and pharmacology of animals after I.E. Mozgov and A.N. Golikov
  8. The chair of veterinarian surgery
  9. The chair of epizootology, organization and economics of veterinary medicine
  10. The chair of philosophy and social and humanitarian sciences

Educational centers of Academy

  • Horse-racing club
  • Animal farm
  • Poultry breeding flock
  • «Agrovetzashita» research and development of animal medications
  • Research institute of experimental veterinary
  • Chain of veterinary clinics “Svoy Doctor”
  • Moscow Zoo

Purposes of training department for foreign students

  • special program allows the foreign students to learn Russian in short time to continue education at Academy
  • introduce the Russian culture and traditions, help in getting familiar with new language use
  • provision of Certificate about graduation of training course

Activities on Inviting Foreign Citizens

  • Activation of academic mobility programs on the terms mutually beneficial for both sides
  • Contacts with Academy graduates abroad and the countrymen living abroad
  • Development of advertising events (participation in international exhibitions, creation and development of the network of coordinators dealing with the problems of education and information on the possibilities of education at the Academy and at the Russian embassies and offices)
  • Development and accreditation of the programs in foreign languages
  • Creation of the conditions for support of the applicants-countrymen living abroad in entering the Academy
  • Active work with the information-analytical system of RF Ministry of Education and Science in the framework of the quota approved by the RF Government Degree for foreign students