Training courses

Preparatory Department for International Students

Pre-university training for international students holds a special place in the educational process. It’s goal is to prepare the students for further study in Russian at a higher educational institution.

Tasks of the Preparatory Department for International Students:

  • ensuring that students from among foreign citizens achieve the level of knowledge and skills necessary for the further development of professional educational programs in Russian language;
  • conducting, at the end of the training, the final tests on the relevant regulatory materials with the graduation certificate issued to the graduate training;
  • monitoring the implementation of students of the legislation of the Russian Federation and local acts MGAVMB – MVA named after K.I. Skryabin;
  • assistance in the adaptation of international students to the new environment (Russian language and culture);
  • acquaintance of international students with national Russian customs, traditions, realities, life in Russia and assistance in their adequate understanding and perception.

At the present time , students from 50 countries (Ecuador, Lebanon, Cyprus, Algeria, India, China, Iraq, Namibia, Guinea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cameroon, Angola, Egypt, etc…) are currently undergoing pre-university training programs.

The higher education level has a reasonable price, a warm psychological climate, the developed infrastructure of the Academy and it’s convenient location - all this pushes students from different parts of the world to choose to study in Russia, at our Preparatory Department for International Students of the Academy.

The teachers of the Preparatory Department have many years of experience working with international students at an advanced level. This allows us to form studying groups for beginners and also adjustment courses.

Currently, at the Preparatory Department for International Students, training is focused on the medical and biological profile of pre-university knowledge.

Most of the curriculum is a Russian language course. The remaining subjects are offered in accordance with the training profile. Special attention is paid to the study of scientific style of speech and basis of the language for the specialty.

The maximum period of study is up to 2 years.

Groups are formed as students arrive to Moscow (until November).

The beginning of the school year is in September.

Currently, the cost of education at the Preparatory Department for International Students is 100,000 rubles- around 1490$. This amount includes only educational services. Other services (medical insurance, accommodation in a hostel of Academy, translation of documents and their notarization, etc.) are paid separately.

ATTENTION! The results of the final examinations at the Preparatory Department are not forms of entrance examinations.

To enter to the Preparatory Department, you must:

  1. Send a written request by e-mail (, including a completed application form, a scanned copy of your passport (photo page and data), a scanned copy of your education certificate for a preliminary assessment (if available).
  2. After receiving a reply that you have begun to issue an invitation letter, legalize your education documents in the prescribed manner.
  3. After receiving your invitation letter, apply for a student entry visa at the Russian Embassy in your country.
  4. Upon arrival at the Academy, provide a medical certificate that insures you’re absent of infectious diseases, and healthy to studying abroad, including an HIV test result, tuberculosis and hepatitis within at least the last 3 months of your arrival to Russia.
  5. Provide 6 (3 × 4 cm) photographs printed on matte paper.
  6. Provide the original document of complete secondary / higher education. In this case, your education certificate must pass the following preliminary procedures: legalization (apostillation), notarized translation into Russian and determination of equivalence in the Russian Federation (nostrification).

Points 5–6 - only for foreign citizens who wish to continue their education at the Academy in their chosen specialty after graduating from the Preparatory Department.

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