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The grant is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 9, 2010 № 220 and the Grant Agreement
№ 14.W03.31.0013

International Laboratory of Molecular Genetics and Bird Genomics, grant № 14.W03.31.0013

The laboratory was created in 2017 by Moscow SAVMB with the support of the mega-grant of the Government of the Russian Federation, grant № 14.W03.31.0013 under the leadership of Mikhail Nikolaevich Romanov, the leading foreign scientist in the field of genetics and genomics of poultry.

Птица Структура ДНК

The aim of the laboratory's research is the integrated development of new molecular genetics technologies for the analysis of gene expression, which play a key role in ensuring the productivity and resistance to diseases in chickens, as well as for assessing the intestinal microflora and fodder, the effect of feed additives on the ontogenesis of birds.

The International Laboratory was established at the Department of Zoohygiene and Poultry Breeding named by A.K. Danilova and will become a launching pad for young scientists and innovative projects in the field of modern biotechnology in agriculture and agro-industrial complex.